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On the road with Tellason
On the road with Tellason  Bild:
If we want to know whether we are men or women, then we should ask ourselves what kind of jeans we are wearing. Real men should wear jeans from raw denim at least 13-16 oz denim strength... and without ifs and buts! And there are some buts...' but when the summer is too hot?' So what! Sooner or later jeans are getting thinner. 

And don't forget: Real men are anyway cool down to their toes. And there's another popular:.. ' but in non-washed jeans I must wait forever until they have this used or vintage look! ' Pussy concern? Bingo! Whoever only buys pre-washed jeans with artificial wear wrinkles and blemishes, is just impatient and rushed and did not understand the soul of jeans. Individual carrying wrinkles need just a few weeks or months and then they give this unique touch that can be designed only by your own legs and your own butt.

Tellason, Modell Ankara, 2 years
Pete&Tony, Founders of Tellason
Tellason Jeans after couple of years (Bild:

When you think of all the Big City cowboys, placing their remote back pockets and pale scrubbed knee prints on display, as if they were riding the entire day through the prairie or had to scrubbed LA clean on their knees, then, then you can doubt the mind of these guys. Not to speak from unnecessary, polluting water consumption for this jeans washes. Slowly it seems that more and more men have no more desire for the pre-washed circus. You can see it already when more and more Jeans Companies have at least one or more raw denim models in their collections. Be it Pepe jeans, Diesel, Levi's , Polo Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Replay, Carhartt, Lee, A.P.C, Gant and so on.Of course, most of these companies sell only in less than 13 oz weight denim.

Tellason Jeans from a happy user (Bild:

14 oz weight denim and more is definetly the top segment. But even in this high-class area of 16 oz cavort fortunately more and more manufacturers: Tellason, Nudies, Dickies, KOI ( King of Indigo), Edwin Jeans, Levi's Original Jeans, Jean Shop, G-Star Raw, Pike Brothers, Left Field NYC, Railcar Jeans, Blue de Gênes, Japan Blue Jeans, Flat Head, The Real McCoy's, 3Sixteen, Lee 101, Blue Blanket, etc. Now you would have to pick out only the one who conjures up a certain amount of this smile on your face. And yes, there is one. One who would even make Jesus smile. Why? Because already the name of this manufacturer is a divine order inherent: TELLASON! Tell a son! And then this all-American thing is also made in the middle of San Francisco. 

On the ride with Tellason (Bild:

Founded by two US Boys, a few years ago in the former epicenter of perfect jeans ejections. And both are so obsessed with detail & quality that it is a true joy. Why? Cotton only from the best Cone Mills White Oak, the Tellason leather patch from Tanner Goods, Portland, OR. And of course, each Tellason jeans made by hand and for less than 200 Euros/ 220 Dollars. Sure- there are cheaper jeans, although not as well made, and certainly not in San Francisco, but somewhere in Asia by low wage workers. Let me put this way: It is something really special to have jeans from high above. Divine jeans, so to speak. Jesus!

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