A divers dream is coming true!

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Armida A1
Armida A1  Bild: Armidawatches.com
There have always been real divers like Jacques Cousteau and swimming pool plungers like most of us... But men, let's face it, often experience this strange feeling: "Am I really tough enough, to dive into the deep water, whether there are sharks, barracudas or other dangerous creatures down there?" 

Some of us would definitely respond: "Sure, my life is such a boring and annoying thing... behind this stupid little desk. And who can fill me up with more anxiety than my beloved wife or girlfriend, and all her little scary maneuvers, like having to go shopping with her, or worst, into operas or musicals." Because of this, diving would liberate us not only from our dilemma, but also gives us this special emotion: "Sometimes, we can let this whole miserable life behind us and submerge into this adventurous unknown..." With the right watch, of course, to find our way back, somehow, sometime.

Armida A1 (Bild: watchusseek.com, member: T-hunter)

Most psychologists would call this a: 'childish escape from the growing.' ''AND", most of us would love to reply, ''as long as the escape is varied, fascinating and challenging, I don't care." But isn't the biggest challenge on earth, to live pleasantly together with a woman?, all these relationship counselors normally insist on... to sell more of their books! Maybe it's the biggest challenge on earth, but not deep down in the water! But, to be honest, for most guys, the most demanding challenge today is, to find an exceptional  good-looking "deep sea beauty". If you are rich, there's no problem, as usual: Blancpain 50 Fathoms, Girad-Perregaux Sea Hawk II, Hublot Oceanographic 4000 and many more of these precious eye candies should probably whisper well behaved:

Armida A1, side (Bild: watchusseek.com, member: AMattR of Time)

"Hello Sweaty, you need me, you have the money, you got me!" But for those of us, whose bank accounts have natural limitations and only our bankers can party with these exclusive "aqua escorts", because they have our money, while we have our illusions, the challenge to find an affordable "water bunny" is a lot more harder. But, even if it's harder, it's not impossible. Our limit is one Grant & 3000 feet depth. If we dive into the world of diving, after a while of surfing on internet waves, we are amazed how many ladies are flirting around to grab our attention. First, this fascinating SAS Sea Modell ( saswatchco.com) comes temptingly across with an excellent 16 mm hight, a sexy 44 mm diameter and a 3000 feet resistant, brushed steel body.

Deep Blue Watch, Master 2000 III (Bild: deepbluewatches.com)

Beyond that, she owns a good ETA 2824-2 heart and seductive 24 mm rubber straps. Couple of minutes later, we could not take our eyes from this gorgeous Deep Blue Master 2000 III ( deepbluewatches.com) sweety with black or blue lingerie, almost the same specifications as the Sas Sea, but with an even more impressive 18 mm hight and a 46 mm brushed appearance. We are getting more and more seduced by these willing, aphrodisiac creatures, whether they come from Swiss, US, Spain or elsewhere. Whether they're called Benarus, Crespas, Dievas, Helson, Zixen and so...To enumerate all of them, would definitely catch you a virus: Deep water addiction. So to speak! To avoid this and to make you guys satisfied in one way or the other, here's the solution.

Armida A1, watchusseek.com, member:jdbuckwell
A1, armidawatches.com
A1 at night, timeofplenty.com

Just concentrate yourself on one beauty. The one and only. And, Yes, there is one. With the most seductive body ever, with a beauty every diver will forget the time, once and forever, 'cause starring at her will only be interrupted by your friends, asking you her name and where she's coming from. Her name: ARMIDA A1 (armidawatches.com). Her size: 46...19...24! Get it!?. Yeah, the Magical Mistress! Swiss Genes and Hong Kong based, adorable & affordable for only 699,-- USD. But, be careful, if you watch her too long, you will be not the same for the rest of you life. No wonder, a divers dream is coming true.