Walking on Heaven's Floor!

Verfasst von: Marc Mühleis
Nike-Dunk-low-Heels-Blue-Black  Bild: Nike.com
No, it's not what you're thinking. This time, the topic is not women sneakers. But beloved girls, hotties and babes, do not stop reading the next lines. Could save your weekend, if you recommend your dreamlike honeys dreamlike sneakers. Make them hopefully curious, what it's like to: "Walk on Heaven's Floor." But first, an admission:

To be honest, we simply don't know, if God and his angels need to have sneakers up there. I mean, soft floors made out of clouds, no potholes, no dog poops, no ignorant taxi drivers you have to run after, no puddles with nasty hidden stones, no chewing gums on the ground, waiting for you to annoy you, in 4 words: A paradise for feet! W(ho)TF, impatient readers may shout, needs dreamlike sneakers up there. Quite apart from how complicate the delivery would be. Now, the but.

New Balance.com NB1600, Elite Edition
Adidas.com, ZX750, light maroon night burgundy
Nike.com, Nike Air Pegasus89 Wolf Grey, Blue
Asics GT II, Black Bright Orange (Bild: asics.com)

But for all the other guys, whether they are sinners, bankers or anarchists, regardless of whether they are living as Jo Sixpack or having affairs with Anastasia Steele kind o' girl, sooner or later we all require comfortable sneakers: to survive everyday life on our tough streets... somehow. Problem is, we get flooded with millions of sneaker and running( sometimes more walking) shoe companies on earth. Most of their shoes are made of oil, some may call it plastic with a little leather, which is definitely not earth-friendly or providently either. But this is another construction site, we do not want to keep digging today. Let's focus at companies, which have already proved, that they can deliver highest comfort and killer colors for an affordable price.

Reebok Gl 6000, Reebok.com
New Balance.com NB ML 574, Greendarkviolett,
asics.com, Asics Gt cool Azur Blue
Diadora Titan II, Black (Bild: diadora.com)

At the end, hey surprise, there are the magic six: Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Reebok, Asics and Diadora. Which doesn't mean, there haven't been a lot more other supercool, awesome small sneaker companies. But you know, my chief editor is counting words all the time...and... life is so unfair:) So, let's start the race and see who's going to win? The prize for best colors, comfort and combinability. Quite possible, it will have a surprising winner. And the nominees, that have made the heats, quarter- and semifinals so far, are: 1. New Balance 1600 in: "Elite or Nothing!" 2. Adidas ZX 750 in: "Light maroon not dust!" 3. Nike Air Pegasus89 in: "Grey Wolf & the Blue!" 4.Reebok Gl6000 in: " Violett Linings!" 5. Asics GTII Black in: " Black is the new Orange!"

Asics GT Cool Blue Azure (Bild: asics.com)

All heavenly heroes have one thing in common. They will perfectly fit to blue & black Jeans, beige & white Pants, or blue & red Bermudas. Determining sneaker colors this summer are: Blue and all colors that fit with blue. And the winner is...? YOU! Whether you are a female or male reader of this message, you will take profit out of it... in one way or the other. Cause " Walking on Heaven's Floor" will always be relaxing! OMG, we forgot the nominees for best supporting act! Here they are: 1. New Balance ML 574 in : "Green Dark Violett". 2.Asics GT Cool in: "Blue Runnings". 3. Diadora Titan II in: Black is the Night!"

Zigi Heels, Red Sneaker (Bild: heels.com, zigi girl)

And the winner is? Hey, you already know that. P.S: A friend( ok, also a hottie from NYC) insisted, I should at least inform people about heels.com, and the ZiGi Girl's Red Sneaker for a hot appearance at parties. Voilà , here it is, though I doubt, " walking on heavens floor" will be experienced with this red sinn. But maybe, this is not what hotties want. They want to punish us for our kinky thoughts, cause we can walk around the block with our most dreamlike sneakers, one red eye-catcher like this and we forget everything. So is life...on earth. Better keep on " "Walking on Heaven's Floor." It's much less dangerous. Believe me. Good adresses for sneakers: sneakerfreaker.com, sneakerpolitics.com, wheretoget.it